Delivering Tax efficient wealth management and comprehensive Legal advice to expatriates throughout southern Europe.

S&J Solicitors Accountants origins date back to 2003. We have, enjoyed an enviable reputation in the area. Originally a professional Solicitors' firm, we have evolved to become an integral legal, assets management and financial services firm offering a wide spectrum of services many of them exclusive to us, designed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements associated with a high level of experience, impartiality, objectivity and independence. We have succeeded in maintaining the ethical standards expected of a Solicitors firm.

S&J Solicitors Accountants overriding aim is to add real value to our clients' needs. This is achieved by the careful and dedicated assistance of one of our solicitors.
Our firm aspires to provide the highest quality of advice and to maintain an exemplary level of continuing service. This ensures that our clients' legal matters are regulary monitored where necessary and updated as changes in tax and other matters vary over time.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact numbers provided or by e-mail to
Offices in Sevilla, Huelva, Cádiz and Madrid (Spain).

Grounds of the Law.

  • International and E.U. Private Law.
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation.
  • Import and Export transactions.
  • Probates and Wills.
  • Conveyancing.
  • Property damage and Injuries claims.
  • Business Setting up process.
  • Social Security registration.
  • Foreign Office affairs and Residency.
  • Power of Attorneys and Certificates.
  • Community of owners Administration.
  • Building management services.

Personal injury. Clinical and medical negligence. Employment, personal and family Law Solicitors. Criminal defence. Business crime and regulatory. Class actions and group litigation ( . . . ) Read more


Assistance on completion before the Notary. Liaise with the developer, vendor and the Notary officer to gather all information required. Payment of taxes. Arranging the registration of the ( . . . ) Read more

Wills & Probates

Making will, probates, inheritance tax and certificates. We believe that it saves a great deal of time, effort and money later on if you prepare an English Will dealing with your general assets in the UK ( . . . ) Read more


Setting up, business tax and finance, representation, business domicile, export and import, selling your business and closing down, and liquidation. If you are thinking of starting a business in ( . . . ) Read more

Taxes & Accountancy

Tax obligations, income and inheritance taxes, national insurance, VAT, online returns, records keeping, annual accounts and corporation taxes submission. Whether you are ( . . . ) Read more

Insurance Services

S&J Solicitors Accountants have been serving the expatriate community in Costa de la Luz since 2003. As independent firm and insurance brokers, we can offer a broad spectrum of insurance ( . . . ) Read more

Foreign Office Affairs & Residency

Anyone buying a house in Spain will need a foreigners identification NIE or tax identification number NIF. We recommend that you obtain yours while you are in Spain. Should you not plan to ( . . . ) Read more

Building & Property Management

Arranging a mortgage, monthly report informing of the progress on the building work, periodical photos, building licences and certificates issued by architects and Town Hall, and materials report ( . . . ) Read more

Power of Attorney

We recommend that you appoint our Company to be your Attorney in order to sign the title deeds. The reason why we recommend you do this is because it avoids any problem that may occur ( . . . ) Read more


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(*) The term S&J Solicitors Accountants is a business name. We only have jurisdiction as lawyers in Spain (E.U.)